Denim Guide For Summer

I love denim anything, they are some of the pieces in my closet that I wear at least three times a week, all year round. When it comes to denim there are so many styles, fits, washes and finishes that you can go for. Denim has taken over everything this season. here are some summer updates – 1. MOM JEANS…


How I Take Care Of My Skin From The Inside Out

The skin is affected by almost everything in our environment, and most importantly what we eat or ingest into our body. The ultimate goal is to have soft, smooth, radiant skin, not just on the face but all over.  Great skin has a direct relationship with self confidence and the key to flawless makeup is good skin.


5 Casual Ways To Style A Blazer

A blazer is one wardrobe staple that is so versatile that you can almost wear it with every single outfit. There are no rules, at least in my eyes, just throw over a blazer and you instantly look dressed up , with flats or heels, depending on your lifestyle or the occassion.